Remember to cut the adhesive side:darker (not the PET side, which is brighter and smoother with film)
COLD PEEL: let it cool down about 5 minutes and then peel it, to avoid losing detail or the not sticky problem!

MANUAL attached.

CUTTING: please cut the adhesive side[darker and less bright], not cutting the PET side[bright and smoother].

Operating conditions:
Temperature: 150-160 degrees
Time: 10-15s/time
Pressure: 30-40pounds.

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How to use:
(1)Use your computer to make your desired patterns with charting software.
(2)Use cutting plotter to cut the patterns.
(3)Remove the surplus material.
(4)Place the transfer paper on the corresponding position (cover with a Teflon cloth if possible ). Start the hot press machine and choose suitable using condition to work ( 150-160℃,30-40 pounds pressure, hot press for 10-15s ).
(5)Remove the Teflon cloth, cooling the completed items and tear the gum.


Material: PU + PET Film
Peeling method & Effect: cold peeling, matting effect
Maintenance Method: Iron the garment from inside to outside.
Effective Thickness: 100-130um (without the peeling film), 200-240um (including the peeling film); matting light.
Environmental Certification: SGS (seven) environmental certification, formaldehyde, total leads content, the phthalates. The eight heavy metal, azo, organotin, PAH.
Tools Used Together: cold knives (including scissor/graver/cutting plotter), laser engraving machine, cutting machine.
Application range: Clothing, Shoes, Caps, Bags, Umbrella, Uniforms, etc.

Storage Method: Place in cool/dry place away from sharp objects.
Expiry Date: 12 months (non-opened, and store well).

Newcomdigi Heat Transfer Paper Vinyl T shirt Decorating 16 Sheets A4 B01HGNPFUI

Newcomdigi Heat Transfer Paper Vinyl T shirt Decorating 16 Sheets A4 B01HGNPFUI

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